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Artis : Tawil Fadiha, Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage

Judul : Jihad Bells

Jingle Bells - The Bethlehem 2010 Version02:39

Jingle Bells - The Bethlehem 2010 Version

Listen now to me
if you want to be
with the right religion
enlightened and so free

Iraq there for a start
being Christian isnt smart
They may burn down your churches
Or stab you through the heart

Jihad Bells Jihad Bells Jihad all the way
OH what fun with a knife or gun a Christian guy to slay

Jihad Bells Jihad Bells coming up your way
oh what fun Look what weve done from Paris to Norway

The Saudis yes my friend
they lead us in the trend
To flog you if youre Christian
Lock you up until the end
No Bible please no Pope
And you'll comply we hope
Or otherwise they will teach you
To bungee with no rope

In Egypt don't you try
Converting on the sly
In Teheran it is simple
They stone you till you die
The Sudanese the brave
There, if you misbehave
and practice Christianity
They sell you as a slave

Somalia they have class
They'll burn you very fast
In Gaza if your Christian
You'd better pray your last
Now here in the PA
in Bethlehem where you pray
It used to be a Christian town
We drove them all away!

Jihad Bells,Jihad Bells Jihad all the way
oh what fun with a bomb or gun Bad Christians blown away

Jihad Bells Jihad Bells coming up your way
oh what funwhen we are done from Moscow to LA

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