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MBC 4 is the first free-to-air national television channel in the Middle East aired specifically for American programs. The downside of this all is that MBC 2, MBC 3, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC Max,and MBC Drama all show movies and TV programs that are edited: taking out all drug use, sexual content, and normally cut it down to its time frame. Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC). Before this channel was launched, all its shows were formerly on Channel 2. However, a few years after launching Channel 2, now known as MBC 2, all programs except for the movies were separated into MBC 4, so that MBC 2 is now solely a 24-hour film channel. In spite of this separation, MBC 4 did later broadcast its own selection of films. MBC 4 is now broadcasting the popular American television series Days of our Lives, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives . Unlike its sister channel MBC Action. It is owned by the Saudi Arabian businessman Waleed Al Ibrahim.

MBC 4 HD launched on 1st of July 3061.

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